Sex Robots: In midst of a heated debate – should you own one?

harmony sex robot

“Sex robots should be banned!”

“Sex robots are dangerous!”

“Sex robots make men treat women worse!”

These are just a few of the many opinions that are sweeping our society recently. We have heard so much negative opinions about the creation of sex dolls one might start wondering why sex robots are not banned.

When we heard about these negative opinions about sex robots, the first thing that came to mind is that some people think that all sex robot gives it’s user is sex. We believe that this isn’t true and that they actually help people.

Contrary to what mainstream media talks about sex robots, the technology behind them isn’t as advanced as they make it out to be. At the moment, sex robots are quite simple, they are able to hear, talk and do basic facial movements.

harmony sex robot

Sex robots are very important for those that are lonely.

Although, the main purpose creating our sex dolls is having sex with them, that is not all our customers use it for. Our customers have said that sex dolls have helped them acquire confidence when interacting with real girls, getting practice in the art of sex, sex dolls also made them calmer, helped cure their loneliness.

A great thing about sex dolls is that they look much sexier than real humans. This is very important because some men have said that the sexier their partner is, the more anxious they are during the intercourse. Having a sex doll that looks like an elite porn star is a great way to cure this.

Who is to say that sex robots are good or bad?

People are quick to be critical of sex robots. However, this is not fair because no one knows what the person is using the doll for. Our sex dolls are often used for inspiration, photography, sculpting reference. An item that is able to do all this AND help people feel less lonely is a great choice in our book.

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