How to use your Sex Doll (with pictures)

Part 1: Unboxing/Assembly

Step 1: When you get the package to your door, carefully transport it to a room with enough of free space to work with. Note that the dolls are not light so be extra careful.

Shipment box
(Picture 1) Unboxing the sex doll

Step 2: After you find some workspace, take scissors or other sharp tool and remove the tape that is wrapped around the box. Be careful not to damage the contents of the package! inside the box you’ll finally see your sex doll all wrapped up to protect her while it was being transported. Take her out of the box (the head will not be attached to the body of the doll). 

Unboxing wrapping
(Picture 2) Removing wrap from dolls body

Step 3: Remove the protective wrap from her body and her head extra carefully. Notice that the head will have a small mask around the eyes to protect her eyelashes. Now you can attach the head to her body by turning the head clockwise. Next to the doll you’ll find a wig and a wig cap (wig cap ensures that wig will stay on tightly). Put the wig cap and then the wig on the doll. Lastly, put on some clothing (if you don’t have any, a plain dress will be provided in the package). Assembly done!

Screw the head clockwise
(Picture 3) Screwing the head clockwise

Part 2: Preparation

Step 1: To make the experience more pleasurable you can heat the doll by using a heating blanket and USB heater (it will be provided with the sex doll). While using the heating blanket use the lowest setting, because there is a risk that the heat will damage the TPE (TPE melts at around 60 C or 140 F). While using the heating blanket you have to wrap your doll in a “buffer” blanket so that the heating blanket wouldn’t touch the doll directly. Heat her up no longer than one hour, with your supervision. When it comes to USB heater, just plug it to a USB charger or your laptop and it will heat her up. You can heat all three of her crevices with it. Alternate route to heat your doll is just to cuddle with her under your blanket, it will heat up from your body heat!

Heating blanket
(Picture 4) Heating blanket
(Picture 5) USB heater

Step 2: Now that your doll is all warmed up, make sure to use a water based lube. Just put some lube on your “equipment” and carefully coat the vagina’s, anal hole’s or mouth’s insides with it.

(Picture 6) Astroglide water based lubricant
(Picture 7) KY water based lubricant

Step 3: Having sex with your doll is pretty straightforward. Just pose her in a position you like and show her who the boss is. And before you ask, yes, you can finish inside of your sex doll.

Step 4: To make the doll’s skin smooth and not sticky, we recommend to powder her skin with baby powder or corn starch.  After some time you will have to redo this ritual.

Baby powder
(Picture 8) Baby powder

Part 3: Cleaning/Drying

Step 1: We would suggest to clean your doll in a shower after every use using a vaginal irrigator or if your doll has removable vagina you can take it out to make cleaning even easier. 

Step 2: To dry out the sex doll crevices, we suggest using tampons. For the mouth you need to insert one tampon, for vagina and anal crevice openings, you will have to insert two tampons one after another. Tampons are easy to insert, they are great at soaking up the moisture, they also do not produce fluffs and are simple to remove using the strip of the tampon.

Step 3: We recommend putting two tampons in her vagina/anus after sex. That way tampons will do the majority of work for you and it will be much easier to do the rest of the work yourself.

Note: For a built-in vagina, it would be a good idea to air the doll cavities out completely (aquarium air pumps make it easier and faster).

Vaginal irrigator
(Picture 9) Vaginal Irrigator

Part 4: Disinfecting

To disinfect you doll’s mouth, anal and vaginal openings, you can put some hydrogen peroxide 3% on two tampons. Insert the soaked tampons into the already dried doll’s openings and let it sit for 30 minutes. You can buy hydrogen peroxide 3% on Amazon.

Note: Never use alcohol because it causes micro-cuts inside the TPE material, makes TPE dry, brittle and cracked. Do not use toy cleaners, disinfection sprays or disinfection soaps etc. Hydrogen peroxide 3% is the most effective disinfection method.

photo of hydrogen peroxide 3%
(Picture 10 Hydrogen Peroxide 3%)

Part 5: Storage

With the storage you have two options. First, to just leave her laying on the bed on her back with legs and hands flat to the side. Second option is to hang her by the hooks in your closet. In both cases you have to remove her clothing, because prolonged contact with the dyes of the fabric can stain her skin. To reduce the staining inflicted by clothing, always prewash the clothes, even better, wash them several times. Note: darker clothing stains more than light one.

Part 6: AI powered communication features

Did you know that you can make your sex doll talk? It’s possible with artificial intelligence apps like the one offers. It gives your doll an ability to talk to you with the help of your smart phone or your computer. The purpose of the is to establish a real connection between you and your doll. It can be achieved by giving your doll a personality, traits and “teaching” her by talking to her. The awesome thing about the app is that she will learn from you past experiences and constantly evolve to be a better companion of yours. However, it’s not perfect yet, there could be some bugs, but it can definitely provide you with funny, interesting and even loving conversations.

The benefits you will get by having your own sex doll:

1. Makes you more focused on your goals. Dolls provide you with focus by providing you with sexual satisfaction. When you don’t have distractions in your life, you can focus on things that matter most, like your career or family.
2. Making home feeling like true home. If you install artificial intelligence app like the one mentioned above, the doll can give you irreplaceable amounts of companionship making you never feeling lonely, because she is taking care of your home while you are away. Caution! It can be hard to sell her or give her away after having your sex doll and building relationship with her! By the way all sex dolls come to you as pure virgins (wink wink :*)
3. Gives companionship/ especially if you use
3. You can polish your sexual skills and confidence when dealing with real women. It is great for people who are inexperienced in sexual matters to train on how to perform in bed on a sex doll. When you will be with a woman in bed, she will be astonished by your endurance and proficiency at giving love to her.
4. Spice up your and your significant other’s relationship. Couples buy sex dolls to renew their sexual lives, because they can do things to a sex doll that they couldn’t even imagine doing in their own relationship.