Guide: How to send a Manual Bank Transfer

Please note, recently PayPal is refusing to work with any vendors selling dolls that are shorter than 100cm in height.

Wire transfer is the only way to purchase smaller dolls (less than 140cm in height) and dolls that take longer than 2 weeks to be manufactured (this is a Visa, Mastercard regulation).

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2 thoughts on “Guide: How to send a Manual Bank Transfer

  1. Glenn Powell says:

    Want to pay with PayPal

    1. Dear Glenn,

      Thank you dearly for your interest!

      Unfortunately, currently, PayPal is unavailable on our store due to us selling 80/90/100cm dolls. According to PayPal, these dolls breech their “user agreement“.
      To pay for your order, currently you can only do that with a credit card.

      Please note that when you use a credit card, you get a “TD Purchase Guarantee” which grants you a full/partial refund if the doll arrives not a listed on the store or damaged. Also, the customers who receive damaged dolls are entitled to a replacement for free.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Kindest wishes,

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