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Sino Doll

Leader of high quality silicone dolls Sino Doll is by far the highest quality silicone doll manufacturer with more than a decade of experience making love dolls.

Their Medical grade imported platinum silicone is safe to touch, is soft, elastic, yet durable. Sino Doll was the first to introduce full hyper realistic body painting with veins, moles in the industry and has improved the process over time with strong, hard to fade dyes. The skin texture is so detailed, you can see skin bumps, pores, veins, moles and various blemishes from up close. Visually the detail is incomparable to any other sex doll brand. Sino Doll introduced smooth matte effect to reduce the gloss of the skin surface as naturally silicone is glossy. For photo shoots we recommend picking smooth matte effect option.

Every Sino Doll has three textured crevices, oral, anal and vaginal. Every doll comes with realistic skin texture by default, evo skeleton with side bending joints, also include ultra soft gel breasts and soft belly. Other soft options can be ordered as an extra are soft butt, soft inner thighs (soft vagina). Optional extras include hyper realism painting and virgin vagina with piercable hymen.

Tenderdolls is a verified supplier and distributor of Sino Doll products. Please check our factory photos page for our previous Sino Doll orders. Also TDF forums and our Truspilot page for the wonderful experiences of Sino Doll customers! If you pick Sino Doll you are guaranteed the best silicone sex doll experience out there!