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Irontech is a sex doll manufacturer that has entered the market with a storm. They specialize in manufacturing TPE and Silicone dolls; however, we feel a strong push from the industry for every manufacturer to switch to only silicone. The head and body are both made of platinum silicone, giving them a luxury feel, although the cost is slightly greater than with TPE Sex Dolls.

All their Sex Dolls include three crevices: oral, anal, and vaginal. Oral, on the other hand, is only included with the “soft head” option. This option makes the doll’s head soft, but is not available with implanted hair, implanted eyelashes, or eyebrows. If you pick a hard head, then there will be no oral tunnel, and the head will be firmer. This works well for retaining the artificial hair follicles in place and for realism, but not for people who like to have oral sex.

Irontech bodies stand out significantly from the competition. They resemble the ultimately premium Top Sino and Sino Doll manufacturers, but at a fraction of the cost. They are sexy, very feminine, and really get a man’s heart running! Tenderdolls is a verified distributor and seller of Irontech Sex Dolls with a lovely 4.8 Trustpilot ★★★★★ score from our previous customers. Please let us know if there is a doll that is not included or if there is an option that you need help with; we would be pleased to help!

(Don’t say we didn’t warn you; staring at these dolls will make your blood pressure rise! 😊!)